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“Rookie Group B1A4 celebrates their 200 days of flight”

9 Nov

(Left to Right: Gong Chanshik ‘Gongchan’, Shin DongWoo ‘CNU’, Cha SunWoo ‘Baro, Jung Jinyoung, Lee JungHwan ‘Sandeul’) (c)

Five member male group B1A4, under WM Entertainment debuted earlier this year with their debut track ‘OK’ from their debut album ‘Let’s Fly B1A4’. B1A4 has made quite a fuss with their style and music showing a cute, cool and chic image that stray away from the current ‘Beastly Idol’ trend in Korea which make them standout and attract a lot of attention. Another point of their popularity comes from their unique name. B1A4 short for ‘Be the One, All for One” is the true meaning behind their name which implies that as all members unite they grow strong. This name also stands for the Blood Type of the 5 members, Baro being blood type B while CNU, Jinyoung, Sandeul and Gongchan are type A. On April 23, 2011 they officially debuted at Music Bank, showing their talents and stage presence.

Wanting to keep their momentum, they made a follow up promotions with ‘Only Learned the Bad Things’ from ‘Let’s Fly B1A4’. Showing another side of themselves besides their cute and cool image the song revolves around a Blood Type B Boy (Baro) who made mistakes in a relationship but tries to cope up and learns to be better.

After being in a not so long hiatus, on September they officially made a comeback with a new album ‘it B1A4’, ‘it’ which stands for what is hot and what is trending. On September 16 they made their official comeback at Music Bank with their title track ‘Beautiful Target’. After two months of promotions they will be taking their hiatus before another promotion and along their hiatus comes 200 days of their career.

On November 8, B1A4 celebrated their 200th days and as fans celebrate this day with them, BANAs (B1A4’s official fan club) trended ‘LetsFlyB1A4’ on twitter which landed 4th on the top trending list. Besides being the 200th day of the group, it is also the day where their official fan club celebrates their 100th day as the official fan club name was announced on B1A4’s 100th day. The day passes without messages from B1A4 but they quickly apologize the next day and celebrate their 201st day instead and hinted a follow up promotions in return.

Before B1A4’s 200 days is fellow rookie group Block B’s 200 days which is 8 days earlier. Some rookie groups have been doing well despite the influx. Hopefully they gain success and happiness n the near future.


“M-Live, A World Wide Korean Concert Experience”

9 Nov

M-live is a brand new concert brand that aims to spread the ‘Hallyu Wave’ into farther and larger territories like North and South America and Europe through a series of concerts.

This project is headed by CJ E&M, in partnership with top Korean Music labels to bring a World Class Korean concert experience around the world focusing on 5 regions: Asia, Middle East, Europe, North America and South America.

The first stop will be at Kaohsiung, Taiwan on November 26, 2011. This will showcase MO.A 2011, short for Most Amazing 2011 which will be headed by four big acts namely, Super Junior, 2AM, Miss A and f(x). This will be followed by another MO.A 2011 this time at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on December 3, 2011 headed by Super Junior, Miss A, f(x) and B1A4.

On December 2nd, Jungle Entertainment will have a concert at Los Angeles, California with Drunken Tiger, Lee Ssang, Bizzy, tYOONMIRAE and Jung In.

The Middle East will take on Star Empire Entertainment in early November as Seo In Young and Nine Muses goes on stage on the 9th and 10th of November respectively.

Before the year 2011 ends, Cube Entertainment will head on to Brazil on December 13 and will have a United Cube Concert at Soa Paolo. United Cube Concert is Cube Entertainment’s prime concert for their top 3 acts namely, 4Minute, BEAST and G.Na.

Starting of 2012 is the expansion of M.Live to Europe and USA as Dynamic Duo takes on a US Tour and possibilities of having CN.Blue in Europe.

While having plotted this schedule of world expansion in cooperation with respective Entertainment Companies, the Hallyu Wave will not leave Asia as 2PM continues their 2PM Hands Up tour in Asia with 7 destination wherein 2 of which were completed already by October. Future destinations of the tour will be in Jakarta, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur in November and Manila and Beijing in early 2012.

The Hallyu Wave has certainly levelled up as years passed by and while we end the year 2011 and start the year 2012, it looks like Hallyu Wave won’t be taking any break anytime soon.

schedules seen on: M.Live

“Is South Korea’s Music Industry saturated with Rookie Idol Groups?”

9 Nov

2011 has been a great year for Artists and Idol Groups as well as for the Hallyu Wave which has been surfing around the globe spreading the wonders of KPOP but not all is well in the music industry.

2011 is also known to be the year where Idol Groups come popping out of nowhere. In this year alone, more than 20 groups have debuted saturating the Korean Music Industry with Rookie Idol Songs. The Korean Music Industry being a very competitive market does not recognize all of these groups because of certain factors that contribute to the popularity of an Idol Group.

Entertainment Companies are usually the key for success in this industry. SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment and JYP Entertainment are considered the big bosses of the industry followed by CUBE Entertainment, DSP Entertainment, Core Contents Media, Star Empire, Starship Entertainment and Pledis Entertainment are some which follow the footsteps of the former.

With proper training and a good promotional cycle, rookie groups will be able to survive the cat fight for being the rookie of the year. Some of which who are in this fight namely are A Pink, B1A4, Block B, Boyfriend, X-5, N-Train, HIIT, Brave Girls, Rania, 5Dolls, Dal Shabet, AA, April Kiss, My Name, M.I.B., B.B. Boyz, N.Sonic, C-Real, Clinah, B.O.M., Chi Chi, Chocolat, Stellar and Twi-Light.

Among these groups, only a handful was able to impress and progress in the industry.

A Pink, under CUBE’s sub-company A-CUBE Entertainment is a 7 membered girl group whom impressed netizens with their clean cheoreography and good vocals. Debuting with a cute image as against the sexy and powerful image of the other female rookies got them much attention. Also with the help and support of their seniors BEAST, 4Minute and G.Na of CUBE, A Pink has stood out from all the rest of the girl groups.

B1A4 or Be the One all for One, under WM Entertainment is a 5 membered boy group who garnered attention by introducing each member via an online comic book which earned them the title of ‘Paper-ddols’. Having debuted with a lively and catchy song, they pushed aside the manly and beast-like rookie groups away and took center stage.

Boyfriend, under Starship Entertainment is a 6 membered boy group who garnered attention with their synchronized choreography and with the help of their fellow labelmates SISTAR they are head to head with B1A4 for being the best male rookie around.

Brave Girls and Rania are female groups known for their powerful dance choreography and style. Aside from that, their producers being known in the industry had got them attention. Brave Brothers for Brave Girls and American producer Teddy Riley for Rania.

Block B/Block Buster and M.I.B are representing the Hip Hop genre with their own sleek style and swag. Block B was known as the bad boys of the block produced by hip hop record producer Cho PD. They took home the hearts of their ‘noona’ fans with their cool style and addicting hip hop music. M.I.B. short for Most Incredible Busters on the other hand was known as the rookies whom debuted with the most expensive album to date beating even the costs of the debut albums of any artist from the big three companies.

5Dolls, the all female unit of Core Content Media’s Co-Ed. Straying away from what they did with Co-Ed these 5 girls took the stage with a different attack and proved that they are not just a sub group.

These groups are just some of the teams that have debuted earlier and recently this year. While there is a great influx of rookie groups, some are still awaited by the fans like Pledis Entertainment’s Male counterpart for After School, called After School Boys and SM Entertainment’s most awaited groups M1 and M2. As the year ends, hopefully these rookies get through their first year as artists and continue to battle it out for respect.